Symphony App is the First Ever Music Social Network with Music Stories.​ Users can share Music Stories out of 45 million published tracks. Our mission is to make Music Sharing absolutely effortless. At the same time, we strongly believe that there are awesome artists out in the world who are not getting the chance they deserve.

We want to give upcoming artists this opportunity.

Symphony Discover is a page on Symphony App which almost ever user on the app follows by default. When users are swiping through Music Stories of artists like Linkin Park or Maroon 5 or Arijit Singh, they come across the music piece you have been waiting for the world to see and listen to it.

Well, that's not it. You can attach your YouTube Video to the Music Story and users can choose to view your YouTube Video on the app itself.

We strongly encourage you to check out the Symphony App here.


 The Music Story shows in the User Feed of almost all app users. 


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